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Lt. Col. Grossman most often presents one of two different perspectives on his research. One for professionals who may have to use deadly force, ensuring they make sound decisions before, during, and after the precipitous moment. And the other offering teachers and school officials vital information to keep their students safe.

Read below these two descriptions to get an idea on other presentations we offer.

"The Bullet Proof Mind"

"Safe Schools and Healthy Students"

Psychological preparation for combat. Bringing together current trends in violence, from terrorists to aggravated assaults, Col. Grossman coalesces his research into a presentation affirming the life that all law enforcement and military professionals have chosen to lead. Within that context, Grossman presents a model for action that ensures profes-sionals can train for and overcome the unique mental stressors of possible violence. Find out what to expect when your heart rate rises and blood drains from your face, and how to avoid it.

A cornerstone for professional training if you might come into contact with inter-personal violence. Knowing what strange and wonderful things might happen to your body in these stressful situations is the first step to making the correct decision in the heat of the moment... and after.

No child has died in a school fire in fifty years. How many have died from school violence? Far too many. Lt. Col. Grossman turns his research on the pschycology of violence inside out, applying the lesson he's learned into a presentation whose core thesis everyone can agree on: We must protect the children who have been entrusted to our care.

And that means facing some uncomfortable facts, including violent children, terrorists, and the lagging security systems when something does happen. Taking into context the tragedies of school massacres from Jonesboro to Columbine and further, Col. Grossman outlines a series of foolproof strategies to help keep our kids safe, including immediate and long-term solutions.

A fact filled presentation based on the most recent school safety research and offering vital response technologies for any audience of caring teachers, school officials, and parents.

Alternate Presentations:

One of the most commented-on aspects of Lt. Col. Grossman's presentations: his ability to tailor the the subject matter to your specific audience. With specific examples that fit your audience's life (anywhere from bomb squads to Lions Club community members), Lt. Col. Grossman will give vital and applicable information to any safety minded individual.

Consider these possibilites:

  • Law Enforcement Professionals

  • Military Professionals

  • Veterans' Groups

  • Medical and Mental Health Professionals

  • School Districts and Educator Groups

  • Civic, Parents, and Student Groups

  • Business/Workplace Professionals

  • "Lessons from Jonesboro, Littleton, and Vietnam: How Kids are Learning to Kill and Learning to Like It"

  • "The Application of Basic Psychological Therapeutic Processes for Mass Casualties Resulting from Violent Crime"

  • "Protecting the Workplace from Violence: Creating a Safe Place"