On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society by Grossman, D.

Upon its initial publication, On Killing was hailed as a landmark study of the techniques the military uses to overcome the powerful reluctance to kill, of how killing affects soldiers, and of the societal implications of escalating violence. Now, Grossman has updated this classic work to include information on 21st-century military conflicts, recent trends in crime, suicide bombings, school shootings, and more. The result is a work certain to be relevant and important for decades to come.

Available in print, e-book, and audio.

On Combat by Grossman, D. with Loren Christensen

A ground-breaking examination of what it takes to perform, cope and survive in the toxicity of deadly combat as a soldier in a foreign land, and a police officer in the mean streets of urban America.

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Available in print, e-book, and audio.


Bulletproof Marriage: A 90-Day Devotional by Adam Davis and Dave Grossman

Bulletproof Marriage is a 90-day devotional that applies biblical principles to support and strengthen the marriages of military members, law enforcement officers, and first responders. Each day includes a Bible verse, an inspirational reading, quick tips, action steps for both husband and wife, and a prayer.

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Warrior Mindset: Mental Toughness Skills for our Nation's Peacekeepers by Dr. Michael Asken, Loren Christiansen, and Grossman, D.

Warrior Mindset presents psychological techniques and training to develop Mental Toughness, a Survival Mindset, and a Hardened Focus. In an easy-to-read format, you will learn simple techniques to integrate psychological skills with physical and tactical training to add a dimension that is often overlooked, but necessary to achieve maximal performance excellence as a modern warrior.

Available in print and e-book.

Assassination Generation: Video Games, Aggression, and the Psychology of Killing by Grossman, D. and Kristine Paulsen, with Katie Miserany

Drawing on crime statistics, cutting-edge social research, and scientific studies of the teenage brain, Col. Grossman shows how video games that depict antisocial, misanthropic, casually savage behavior can warp the mind - with potentially deadly results. His book will become the focus of a new national conversation about video games and the epidemic of mass murders that they have unleashed.

Available in print and e-book.


American Sheepdogs: Why Mommy Carries a Gun by Grossman D. andStephanie Rogish

Suitable for all members of the family, not just Moms. Follow Mrs. Shepherd and Max as they explore the responsibilities inherent in carrying a firearm, as well as the history and social impact of the 2nd Amendment.

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Sheepdogs - Meet Our Nation's Warriors by Grossman, D. and Stephanie Rogish.


The debut children's book by Grossman and Rogish, Sheepdogs helps children understand the differences between sheep, wolves and Sheepdogs in our world today, and why Sheepdogs are important.


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Stop Teaching Our Kids To Kill, Revised and Updated Edition: A Call to Action Against TV, Movie & Video Game Violence by Grossman, D. and Gloria Degaetano

Completely revised and updated, a much-needed call to action for every parent, teacher, and citizen to help our children and stop the wave of killing and violence gripping America's youth

Available in print and e-book.


The Bulletproof Mind for the Armed Citizen released by USCCA

In this 5 DVD set, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman addresses the question of whether or not we can take the lessons learned from Columbine, Virginia Tech, and the World Trade Centers and apply them to our future. Can we confront the true problem in America: Denial? Watch as Col. Grossman calls all American citizens to wake up to reality and truly prepare for the ominous days America will surely see in the future. Find out the warning signs, and what you can do now to ready yourself and your family.

From him, you'll learn how the body responds to lethal combat, what happens to your blood flow, your muscles, your judgment, memory, vision, and hearing when someone is trying to kill you.

Available directly from USCCA.

The Bulletproof Mind released by Gavin de Becker and Assoc.

This series was recorded live at a special meeting of experts from law enforcement and the military. They gathered to discuss just one thing: killing - with our Nation's leading expert on the topic, Col. Dave Grossman.

This Series Contains: 
1. The Hidden Truth About Lethal Combat 
2. How the Body Responds to Combat 1
3. How the Body Responds to Combat 2
4. The Bulletproof Mind 
5. Terrorism and School Violence 
6. Who is Teaching Our Kids to Kill

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The Two-Space War by Grossman, D. and Leo Frankowski

The Two-Space War: Volume I of the Westerness Saga, Baen Books, 2004. All of the information that Col. Grossman writes about and teaches in his military and law enforcement training sessions has been included in his military science fiction books. This may be the first time any fiction book has ever talked about what combat is REALLY like!

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The Guns of Two-Space by Grossman, D. and Bob Hudson

The sequel to Two-Space War is now available as a DRM free e-book purchase or a print copy.

Available as DRM free e-book.

Available in print from Lulu.

Recomended Reading


Secrets of Mental Marksmanship: How to Fire Perfect Shots by Linda K. Miller and Keith Cunningham

Available in print and e-book.

Training at the Speed of Life, The Definitive Textbook for Police and Military Reality Based Training by Kenneth Murray (Forward by Grossman, D.)

Available in print at

Terror at Beslan: A Russian Tragedy with Lessons for America's Schools by John Giduck (Forward by Grossman, D.)

Available in print at SDK&G.

Available on Amazon as e-book.

Innocent Targets: When Terrorism Comes to School by Michael Dorn and Chris Dorn (Forward by Grossman, D.)

Available in print,

Field Command by Charles "Sid" Heal (Forward by Grossman, D.)

Available in print and e-book.

Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer by Phil Chalmers

Available in print and eBook,